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Partnering with our corporate friends

Please contact us regarding corporate membership by completing and submitting the form below. Becoming a corporate member of the Silicosis Support Network demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to assisting sufferers of Silicosis, their families and carers and the raising of awareness of the dangers of silica exposure.

The Silicosis Support Network (SSN) aims to create a community where we all work together to:

• support sufferers of an Silicosis related disease, their family or carers; and
• prevent Silicosis exposure in the workplace and community;
• lobby for improvements on Silicosis related matters;
• work with the health community to aid in better understanding of Silicosis related disease;
• where possible fund research into Silicosis related diseases.

Our ethos is to assist sufferers to remain at home for as long as possible and as independent as possible even within the health care environment.

We are a national organisation but confine our activities to Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales.

People and Organisations pay a fee to join SSN to show their commitment to the community and assist us in lobbying activities for improvements for sufferers or for protections against Silicosis exposure.

We are a non-profit charity

SSN is a not-for-profit Charity registered with the ACNC. We also have deductible gift recipient status whereby donations of$2.00 or more are tax deductible.

Corporate membership of SSN is open to:

• Peak Bodies
• Trade Unions
• Government Agencies
• Members of the Asbestos Industry Association
• Members of the Demolition and Contractors Association Queensland
• Any other organisation that agrees to the values of SSN & ADSS

Organisations applying for membership are expected to meet their Work Health and Safety obligations particularly in relation to silica handling and removal – failure to do so will lead to the cessation of membership with SSN.

Becoming a member of the Silicosis Support Network is a clear demonstration of an organisation’s commitment to assisting sufferers of Silicosis disease and the raising of awareness of silica exposure.

It is a commitment to helping those people who worked within industry with Silicosis at a difficult time in their lives. Furthermore, it assists the wives, sons and daughters who may also be sufferers by being exposed to silica.

Being a member can help make the staff of the organisation feel good about the organisation that they work for and give a positive impression to customers, suppliers and the communities in which they operate.


• Welcome pack and a URL link from your website to our website.
• A Corporate Supporter of the SSN Charity logo for use on marketing material.
• Quarterly Newsletter and information about our forthcoming events, including our Annual Charity Race Day held in
• A framed “Corporate Member Certificate” or replacement certificate each year thereafter.

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